A Russian ‘New Year’ Banquet 13th January 2016


‘С новым годом’

A traditional ‘Russian’ welcome for guests of-

Bread & Salt (Khleb i Sol)
A chunk of specially-seasoned Russian celebration bread dipped in salt

Vodka shot!

Ukha i Pelmeni

A clear stock soup with freshwater fish and white fish dumplings, served with black bread

Caucasus Zakuski
Beetroot pkhali
Spinach pkhali with pomegranate
Eggplant caviar
Megrali khachipure (Georgian cheese bread)

Main Course

Minced wood pigeon and beef combined with rice, fine cut carrots, shallots, a little garlic & tomato paste rolled in white cabbage and cooked in a ‘Podliva’ sauce with a little sour cream

Dessert (Sladkoe)
Poppyseed strudel & Prague cake

Russian Caravan tea with lemon

Evening presented by Cathy McAteer, public speaker on ‘All Things Russian’

Спокойной ночи