Russian Banquet Evening – 13th & 16th January 2015


You will be entertained throughout the evening by ‘All Things Russian’ expert & motivational public speaker Cathy McAteer

A traditional welcome for guests of-
Bread & Salt (Khleb i Sol)
A chunk of specially-seasoned Russian celebration bread dipped in salt to tickle the taste buds

– obligatory vodka shot!

Selection of Appetisers (Zakuski)
Selyodka pod shuboi
a famous Russian favourite, Herrings in a Fur Coat

Pickled cucumber & onion salad with dill
‘Abzhorka’ – Food Lover

A salad of beef strips, carrots and pickles with strips of roasted onions bound with Russian mayonnaise
Main Course (Pervoye blyudo)

A classic Georgian dish of lamb stew with tomatoes, aubergines, onions, garlic

Kirghiz Baked Beef
Lightly spiced slow-cooked beef with dried apricots and prunes,
peppers, onions & yoghurt

A warming Georgian classic, chicken cooked in an exotic blend of Caucasian spices and walnuts

All served with a selection of fresh vegetables and traditional Russian accompaniments

Dessert (Sladkoe)
Russian fruit cake
Served with an apricot cream & kozinaki from the Caucasus – chopped walnuts & almonds spun with honey & sugar

Russian Caravan tea with lemon

£30.00 per person